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Tackling some difficult questions:

In my work I come across all sorts of questions or issues that people have.

Here are just a few of the questions that might come up at a reading and how I might repond in general. In a reading however, I would go into the question in more depth and the exact nature of the reply would depend upon the person and their particular circumstances.

Q) I have a close friend or relative that has behaved badly towards me and I feel that though I want to, I just can’t forgive them, what should I do?

A) As I go over the exact words that they might say to me I know that this person is half way there. It is very, difficult sometimes to forgive, here however, I see that this person wants to forgive but can’t quite manage it. It is a case sometimes of just being able to offer an olive branch. Having done that you will feel lighter and happier, the burden isn’t with you anymore. You may even find that the other person will meet you halfway and is sorry for what they have done. If they are not sorry well at least you have tried, you will feel better less aggrieved and know that your conscience is clear. Also if somehow you had a moment of error and did something wrong then you would want to be forgiven. We can’t expect to be forgiven if you can’t forgive others.

Q) I am not interested in getting a message from someone in the ‘Spirit World’ and I’m not too sure if I believe in God, so can I just have a Tarot or Psychic Reading?

A) Yes of course you can that won’t be a problem at all. I know that not everyone believes in the Spirit World or God for that matter. My job is not to try to convert you or persuade you, I am just here to help you. So if you want a Tarot or a Psychic Reading that is fine by me.

Q) My first husband died some years ago and I then remarried I loved both my husbands, what happens when I die? Do I have to choose who I loved the most? Will my first husband be annoyed that I remarried?

A) No, you don’t have to choose and, no, your first husband won’t be annoyed with you. There are no bad feelings or anger in Spirit, you will be greeted with love from both. Spirit do not want us to lead a lonely life and so a first partner will often confirm this in a message that a suitable time has elapsed for your grieving and it is time to move on in life. In other words it is ok with them should you wish to find another partner.

Q) My friend has taken his own life, what has happened to him, will he ever go to Spirit or will he go to a bad place because of what he did?

A) Life is sacred. Having said that, some people can see no other option, they are not judged and are certainly not sent to a bad place. They spend time being healed and can and do come back with messages saying how sorry they are for the hurt they have caused others. They are at peace.

Q) My friend died last week how long do I have to wait before she is able to connect with a medium and let me know she is ok? Is it weeks, months?

A) Immediately someone leaves the earth plane they go directly to the Spirit world, they don’t need to hang around here for days, weeks or months. They are in Spirit within a second. Similarly, they don’t have to wait weeks or months before they come back with a message for a loved one, although I hasten to add they don’t always come back at a sitting.

Q) My brother doesn’t believe in any religion what will happen when he dies?

A) It will make no difference he will still go to the Spirit World and will be united with relatives and friends there. He will also, if he so wishes be able to make contact and give a message to relatives or friends on the earth.

Q) I am afraid of dying, what will happen to me when I die?

A) I believe there is no need to feel afraid, there is no pain in the Spirit World. You won’t die you will continue to live. You will be young again and have none of the illnesses of old age or any illness. You will be met by your loved ones that have gone before you, life goes on in the Spirit World.

Q) When my pets die what will happen to them?

A) For an in depth answer, please see my previous blog post, but here is a brief summary.
Pets don’t ‘die’, they live on in the spirit world just as we will. Animals can survive death, they have souls just like we do. Furthermore, whether they left the earth plane years and years ago or just yesterday, or even today, it makes no difference, they are still in the Spirit world. Life is eternal.

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