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Meditation for all:

You might be wondering if there is any point in Meditation or if it is just a 1960’s hippy style fashion.

Meditation is not all flowered dresses, incense burners and chanting ‘OMmmm’ for an hour to a point where you can’t remember why you are there, let alone who you are.

Let me tell you that, although there are various trends in meditation it never really went out of fashion.

Whatever the current fashion is, Meditation has been practiced since before the 5th century BC and what is more, it is a valuable tool with which to help us learn to relax.

Meditation can help you to generally relax and deal with stress. It is often used to clear the mind, and can help ease many health issues, such as blood pressure, stress, anxiety and sleep problems.

Just like going to the Gym to exercise our bodies and which helps us to feel well, we can do meditation in a similar way which leads to a general feeling of ‘wellbeing’.

Stress is a problem that many of us face everyday, If we learn to mediate we should be able to deal with stress more easily.

Ever tried meditation before and given up or thought it’s too hard or thought ‘I can’t do that, my mind just fills up with daily clutter’?

Given the chance, our minds will fill up with all manner of stuff. Things like, I must post that birthday card, must get something out of the freezer for dinner, I need to recharge my mobile, which reminds me I need to ring Sara etc., etc. The list is endless. There are simple ways to deal with the ‘clutter’, - ways to let you be in control so you can feel relaxed.

There are ways to do meditation that make it so easy, fun to learn and not only that, but ways that make it enjoyable, not a chore.

With just a little practice it can then take no more than 10 minutes a day. Of course you can meditate longer, it is all up to you.

Meditation can also help if you have sleep problems. When we can’t sleep what do we do but let that ‘clutter’ come into our minds or have mind conversations endlessly going over and over what we should have said to so and so and before we know it hours have gone with the tick, tick, tick of time. Suddenly its 7.00am and we have to get up for work even though you feel drained and tired.

Getting rid of clutter, doing a simple breathing exercise and finding what makes you feel calm is an easy way of relaxing so you do get to sleep.

One thing that is important when meditating is doing it regularly and it is a good idea to find a place where you will not be disturbed by family or animals.

However there are exceptions, I meditate most days for about 15 mins in my ‘special room’. I sit on the floor and as I get ready to meditate I usually find my cat lays down beside me and goes to sleep with an outstretched paw just touching me.

It’s like we deeply connect together for that short time.

I teach Meditation in half day workshops for small groups or on a one to one basis, at a time and day, to suit you.

Once you have completed the half day workshop you should be able to meditate on your own with no further tuition required.

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