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Through the mist:

As I looked from my window at home I could see fields and hedges just peeping through the mist which was lying low down to the river.

The sun shone a little, adding a warm glow to the beautiful, magical sight. It was one of those special days that good photographers manage to capture effortlessly with the mere click of their camera.

I hasten to add I am no David Bailey but I have tried to capture it here.

I stood looking at the scene for some time, letting my mind relax, thoughts coming in and out gently.

I was in no hurry. I could hardly see the trees at first through the mist, but I knew they were there.

My favourite little clump would still be there I knew with certainty, even though all I could see was a dark shadow in the area where they stood.

A low hedge still ran along one side of the field where the birds would gather, again, I could only see it as a shadow in the mist.

The mist was like a veil covering a familiar sight. Once the mist disappeared, trees, hedges and fields, everything would be visible and just the same.

Gradually it dawned on me that the mist was just like a veil between this world and the next. Maybe I can explain to you what the Spirit world is like.

Just imagine that a kind of mist is all that separates us from the Spirit world. Although I couldn’t see the trees, I knew they were still there.

It’s just a case of understanding that although we can’t see our loved ones we know they are around us. So it is with the Spirit world we can’t see it but we know it is there.

It all seems a bit misty and hidden but it is definitely there.

Our loved ones in Spirit are so very close to us. They are often with us and watch what we do.

Now that doesn’t mean that they are watching our every move 24/7, but they are with us to celebrate events in our lives, our birthday, passing an exam, parties etc.

They can also be with us on an ordinary day when we are doing nothing more than doing the shopping, or taking the dog for a walk.

It is at moments like this that a particular incident can later be given as evidence. For example, you go shopping then drop your bag of oranges and they roll along the pavement.

It is no big deal, but at a later date, spirit may give this evidence to a medium to repeat back to you, to let you know that loved ones were indeed around you at that time.

Remember, loved ones are only a thought away. That is how you may briefly be able to connect with them yourself.

For example, have you ever been thinking about a loved one in spirit only to then hear their favourite song played on the radio?

Or thinking about your loved one and a photo or letter drops from the pages of a book, or maybe you are looking in a drawer for something and you happen to find an item belonging to them.

In a similar way, when a medium tries try to connect with your loved ones in Spirit they convey a message direct to the medium to pass on to you.

Just as Spirit spends time with us we should think about loved ones, particularly on special occasions e.g. their birthday or anniversary.

It helps to keep that connection. They are only a thought away.

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