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A Happy, Healthy and Great New Year 2018 to you all:

I feel a lot of people will look back to 2017 with much sadness. You only need to refer to the Queen’s Speech to reflect what a difficult year it was for many, but also to remember the good people who risked their own lives in order to help others, whether it was their job or not.

So, whatever 2017 brought you, maybe special moments to fondly look back on or maybe it was tinged with a little sadness and you just want to wipe the slate clean of your own problems and start afresh with 2018, then now is your chance.

However the New Year won’t get anywhere unless you make it, that is to say, plan a few things. Keeping a diary is a good start – then what to fill it with, is the next question. I usually start with the more mundane but necessary appointments, like Dentist, Optician, car service and MOT, book pets in at the vets, etc., etc., you get the idea.

Now, here comes the more interesting bit, or for some perhaps a little daunting, what are you going to fill a whole year with, because apart from working, there should still be plenty of space in your life to plan a holiday or several if you can afford it, take up a new hobby, visit friends and family, go for a spa pamper day, join a gym club, play football, learn to paint, swim, start a writing course, well the list is endless.

However, don’t fill up every minute in your diary so there is no chance to breathe. Leave plenty of time for those impromptu moments when someone asks you to go out to a party or a day in the country or you just feel like having a break for a few days. In other words don’t try to plan your life to the nth degree, rely on a little spontaneity. Just see what happens.

Also, do please remember life isn’t just about what we want to do it’s also about family, friends and others we meet on life’s journey, it’s trying to do something to help them too. Why not support a charity either by donation or volunteering, it doesn’t have to cost a lot or take up much time. It is all about getting the right balance, not letting life drift by, but in the same vein not planning ‘too much’ either, you need enough work, enough relaxation, spending time with others and having some space for ‘me’ time.

Don’t get stuck in a rut as they say. Just like you declutter your wardrobe, make sure you declutter your life generally and get rid of what you don’t do anymore and make room for what you want to do more of. Getting rid of old stuff makes more room in your life for the important things. You will feel more free and less stressed. There are always decisions to be made or options to be found but that is all part of life, and having a choice to do what feels right in your life is good.

All you need is a little inspiration to make 2018 a really happy and successful year.

Good Luck!

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