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Dolphins, Parakeets and other signs:

I have been working very hard in the last six months and felt I needed a short break to recharge my batteries, and so I decided to spend a week in Spain visiting several of its beautiful cities.

There was much to do including seeing many of the castles, cathedrals, ancient buildings, national parks, and of course mingling with fellow travellers and getting to know local Spanish people whilst practicing the very few Spanish phrases I had learnt. It was quite hectic but a thoroughly enjoyable time.

I did wonder how I would feel closing the door on my spirt guides for the week and hoping they would be there for me when I returned ready to start work again.

So before I left England I asked for a sign from my guides to let me know if they were still around me. I need not have worried. On my first day there, as I walked through a cobbled street my eyes were drawn to a piece of torn silver foil dropped on the ground. It took the shape of a dolphin, I am very fond of dolphins.

I expect you are now thinking ‘just a co-incidence’.

A day or two later, whilst walking in a park with a lady tour guide I saw some parakeets fly overhead. She said it brought back memories of when her mother was alive and had opened the window and had let her parakeet fly free. Not only am I fond of parakeets and parrots but also I so often seem to have messages for people who either own or have owned these birds or have a loved one in spirit that once had a parakeets or parrots. Then as I walked through the local shopping area I saw in shop window a beautiful silk gown with a huge parrot on it. Later in a palace I saw coloured tiles with pictures of parakeets.

Another day I glanced over at a tour coach that was parked close to where I was sitting. On its bonnet was the word Aura in silver lettering. This is linked to the fact that I often give readings to clients with regard to their Aura. It seemed that wherever I looked I was drawn back to my work with Spirit.

Just before I left Spain I had only minutes to spare to buy a few souveniers. As I quickly hurried past the shops my eyes rested upon a necklace with a dolphin and a semi-precious touquise coloured stone on it. What can I say other than it was meant to be and so I bought it.

To me all these small incidents were evidence that my Spirit guides were around me and wanting to work with me again when I was ready.

Similarly, our loved ones are around us every day, in fact they are only a thought away. All you have to do is ask Spirit for a sign that they are close to you and you too may be shown something.

Signs come in many forms it could be a feather floating through the air, it could be a picture or a letter that falls from a book, or butterfly that lands on your hand, basically, it is something that reminds you specifically of your loved one, something that would have been a connection to them, something that is significant for you.

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