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What happens to our pets when they die:

That is a question that I am often asked. The answer I believe is simple. Firstly, pets don’t ‘die’, they live on in the spirit world just as we will. Animals can survive death, they have souls just like we do. Furthermore, whether they left the earth plane years and years ago or just yesterday, or even today, it makes no difference, they are still in the Spirit world. Life is eternal.

Animals can become part of the family and when the pet is no longer there the owner can be overwhelmed by grief. I know from my own experience how upsetting it can be to lose a beloved pet. However I take comfort that they can still contact us. Let me tell you that immediately a pet leaves this earth it will go straight to the Spirit world, that is to say they do not have to stay in limbo for 3 days, 5 months or whatever, as some people say. They are there in an instant and they have no pain or stress.

In a reading, I will often have pets come back as an image for the sitter. They usually show themselves, in some detail, general breed, colour and texture of fur, perhaps with a favourite toy or doing something they often did, thereby giving evidence that it is the sitter’s pet and not just a random animal.

Always, as a medium I seek evidence. When I go to the Spirit world I expect all my cats and other pets to be there waiting to greet me, wanting a stroke and a fuss. I know I shall meet them all again.

You may choose to try to contact your pet yourself. Sit quietly and think about your pet. Say his/her name, send him/her your love and that you hope they are happy. You might get a response straight away or in a day or so. For example, you might by chance see a picture of a dog like yours in a magazine where he is rushing around barking and happy. Or you might hear the chink of his lead, a sudden bark although there are no dogs around. Maybe you will just sense that your pet is around you, perhaps you feel the cushion move and he/she sits beside you. Just look for a sign that you feel is true and cannot be explained in any other way.

Some years ago I was giving a demonstration of mediumship in a hall when I got an image of a small, rotund dog with short legs and tail. I drew a quick sketch and spoke to the lady I felt the message was for and told her I had a small dog that had come to see her. She agreed she did have a dog in spirit but obviously wanted more evidence that it was her pet. I hesitated in giving her my sketch as it looked more like a little pig than a dog and felt I might insult her. I said it was sandy-coloured, small, little legs and tail, but I kept getting the words ‘little pig’ in my mind. In the end I said in the nicest possible way ‘I think it must be my bad drawing but he looks like a little pig’. That’s right beamed the lady, we nicknamed him ‘little pig’ because he would gobble up his food and eat everything in sight’. This was the first time he had come through and she was thrilled.

So animals do come back and show themselves, in a way that their owner would best recognise them. Just remember, the loving bond between an adored pet and its owner remains forever. You will meet your pet again. In the meantime you can make that connection either by yourself or if you wish through a medium.

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