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Famous for 10 minutes:

A few weeks ago and completely out of the blue as they say, I received an email from UK Talk Radio.

They were asking if I would like to be on their radio show. Me on a show! Panic set in and the usual things ran through my mind, what would I wear, I would need a visit to the hairdressers. Then I realised that it didn’t really matter, I could wear whatever I like as nobody was going to see me. Phew that was a relief. But just as I calmed down I then realised I had an even bigger worry. Just what was I going to talk about and why would anyone want to listen to little old me anyway.

I have always felt in charge of my life and a very calm person and able to keep others calm, but the thought of a microphone in front of me completely filled me with the jitters I was back to square one. Just like lots of other people I have had to deal with some pretty big problems, crisis and dramas in my life all of which I have dealt with quite calmly, but the thought of that microphone simply terrified me.

I tried putting it to the back of my mind, but it still kept niggling in the background. Then I tried to think about it rationally. Most people would jump at the chance to be on live radio. I also thought of it another way, the radio producer had spent some considerable time searching through websites to find a suitable person to be on his show. Now if I said no to the radio producer I felt I was letting him down.

The one thing I hate doing is to let anyone down, people rely on me and I just couldn’t do it. I mulled things over a bit longer, then it hit me, I was being given an opportunity not only by Jonathan, the radio producer, but by Spirit who would never let me down. So why should I let Spirit down. That was it, simple. I quickly emailed back before I had chance to change my mind. I would love to do it I said.

We soon got together on the phone about ideas for the interview. It went well as Jonathan put me at ease as he was obviously an expert interviewer. Between us we managed to get enough material for a ten minute slot. I wrote the date in my diary.

The date eventually came and I travelled to meet Jonathan at a local hotel. When I arrived I felt butterflies in my stomach but at least I wasn’t filled with terror as I had been at first. Some deep breaths is all I needed. Then as I approached the entrance I noticed a dolphin had been etched on the wall. This certainly made me calmer as I felt it was a sign from Spirit that I was meant to do this and that Spirit were around to help me. (Please see "Dolphins, Parakeets and other signs" for further info).

I was shown into the room with a large table and a number of chairs that had been squashed in side by side to fit in around the table. I manouvered myself onto the seat in front of the microphone. It was a large microphone with a furry cover on it. Having sat down I felt I was trapped. Jonathan did all he could with his gentle voice to calm me but underneath my calm exterior I still felt a little nervous. Somehow I managed to get through the interview. I thanked Jonathan, but as I stood up, to my great embarrassment, I knocked the furry cover off of the microphone. Then as I bent down and tried to pick up the cover I knocked my head on the table - more embarrassment. The whole episode was rather funny when I look back on it, but not so at the time.

I often joke with friends that ‘I’ll do a World Tour’ but seriously although I’ll never do a world tour at least I’ve been famous for 10 minutes!

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